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Development Work

Sidst opdateret: 1.6.15
Survey of the West Coast, 1899
Survey of the West Coast, 1899
The Danish Coastal Authority has always made a great effort to develop new knowledge about coastal dynamics, coastal protection, and the danish coasts in general.
Survey of the West Coast, 2009
Survey of the West Coast, 2009
Development work is of great importance when it comes to giving advice on coastal matters in general, and it helps qualify debates and decisions. Moreover, the work is an important element in guaranteeing that the Danish Coastal Authority is constantly using technically optimized and cost-efficient methods.

The Danish Coastal Authority e.g. carries out systematic and periodic surveys of coastal developments. The measurements are essential for the understanding of the short and long-term dynamics of the coastline.

In recent years, the Danish Coastal Authority has also carried out multiannual development programmes. The programmes guarantee structured, stringent, and goal-oriented development in a greater and long-term context adjusted to the Danish Coastal Authority’s development needs and society’s demand for new knowledge.

The development programme, ”2010-2013 Strategic Development in Coastal Engineering and Adaptation to Climate Change” was intended as a contribution in important areas within the fields of coastal engineering and adaptation to climate change in cooperation with Danish and foreign authorities and research institutions. The programme e.g. included climate projects, the BLAST project, which is intended to develop a common ground for combining sea and land data, and a project to increase the efficiency of coastal protection efforts on the west coast.

Moreover, every 2 years the Danish Coastal Authority assembles, authorities, advisors, and other experts in the field of coastal engineering in Denmark for a bi-annual conference. The purpose of the coastal conferences is to discuss technical subjects relating to coastal engineering.
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